Top 10 Best Los Angeles SEO Companies for 2024

Are you looking for the best Los Angeles SEO company for 2024? Keep reading because we’ve compiled a list based on accurate data.

Search Engine Optimization is an essential marketing tool in 2024, so it makes sense that you would want the best possible SEO agency behind your campaign.

The trouble is that it can feel impossible to find ‘the one’ with so many emerging SEO companies on the scene. There are just too many fish in the search engines!

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But all hope is not lost, and we’ve taken the time to delve into all the Los Angeles SEO services to find the best ten catches so that you don’t have to.

Simply keep reading to find out what each contender has to offer.

1. Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a #1 ranking Los Angeles SEO agency that seems to impress consumers across the review site board, and it isn’t too difficult to see why.

These world-renowned search engine optimization professionals hold the impressive accolade of being a certified Google Ads Premier Partner and have developed a custom software in-house that, according to all evidence, truly does bring results.

coalition technologies

They achieve this with a scientific-based search engine optimization approach that uses data to get right to the heart of any business. They’re so confident in their practices that they claim they’ll be able to increase your sales by an impressive 436% in the first two years. And, you know what? We believe them.

You should, too, consider that their advanced SEO agency software alone allows them to hire only the top 1% of applicants and offer 130+ university-level training courses to take those skills even further. Then, they’ll put you in touch with those tailor-made Los Angeles SEO experts who genuinely stand to take your search engine optimization and conversion optimization to the next level.

2. Wpromote

Coming in at a pretty close second, we have Wpromote, founded by Michael Mothner back in 2001. Again a Google Premier Partner and part of Bing Elite Agency, these guys pride themselves on ever-evolving tactics and certainly seem to know what it takes to boost organic rankings.

Their integrated teams of well-versed Los Angeles SEO managers promise impactful results whether you’re a small business or an established industry giant. And, if past clients like Mariott and Zenni are anything to go by, it’s a goal they achieve with gusto.


Wpromote’s unique selling point in the search engine optimization market is its focus on building sustainable traffic, leading to conversions using in-depth audits, competitor research, on-page focuses, conversion optimization, social media marketing, and even mobile optimization.

Their team has 425+ employees across eight offices, each of whom has an impressive and varied search engine optimization background. That includes Mothner himself, a previous recipient of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, a columnist for Inc. Magazine, and a regular speaker at leading industry events.

3. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has some pretty impressive accolades, including being listed as SEOblog’s top Los Angeles SEO agency of 2020 and winning UpCity’s local excellence award last year. As of this year, they’re also an official member of the Forbes Agency Council. In other words, this agency comes well recommended, a fact that seems deserved when you consider they offer +664% increases in organic traffic and +155% more organic leads.


Founded as a one-person division by president Matt Bowman back in 2005, this full-service digital marketing agency now offers solutions to businesses in 25 cities, including Atlanta and Miami. They’ve even gone cross-continental with B2B solutions in everything from plumbing to finance as far as Germany and Hong Kong.

4. SEO Noble Agency

Read2Learn company SEO Noble offers professional Los Angeles SEO services that focus on strategies across search engines. Established in 2008 by Kent Mauresmo, the SEO agency began life developing reading materials to help businesses perfect digital marketing strategies before realizing that they, themselves, had some SEO prowess to offer.


Now, as well as providing quality reading materials, the Beverly Hills-based team of 12 varied professionals offers a range of fantastic search engine optimization services, including everything from Google submissions to press releases.

Overall, their digital marketing services depend on location and competition. For instance –

$1,000 – $1,500/month: Local area
$2,500 – $6000/month: Big city or county
$10,000 + per month: All 50 states

This makes for a tailor-made package that works for big and small businesses alike, a fact that, alongside comprehensive SEO services, is quickly securing SEO Noble their place in top spots like these.

5. Spinx Digital

Out of their cutting-edge Los Angeles offices, Spinx Digital interactive B2B and B2C web design agency, aim to help companies find engaging and exciting ways to engage with audiences. And it’s a goal that previous client portfolios, including Quinn Emanuel, Amazon, and many more, show that they’re managing to achieve.


Founder and president Sukesh Jakharia has used his vision and innovative strategies to project this digital marketing agency into an impressively high growth trajectory. And that’s a trajectory that doesn’t look set to slow anytime soon, with Spinx Digital’s big ideas and innovative approaches adding new and impressive clients to their portfolio every single day.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of Spinx Digital from an SEO point of view is that of their technological know-how, with Jakharia himself holding a computer science degree and various other members of the team able to provide innovative processes such as mobile applications, digital experiences, and more. In other words, Spinx Digital has gone above and beyond to deliver everything a modern digital marketing agency could wish for from a search engine optimization company, all from their modern and inviting Los Angeles offices.

6. Over the Top SEO

With a 96% client retention rate and an incredible 73 SEO awards to their name, we couldn’t include Over the Top SEO and their leader, Guy Sheetrit. With a solid track record, targeted resources, and unique ranking abilities, OTT has generated $970,802,171 in SEO revenue alone since its beginnings. For this reason and more, Sheetrit is becoming a staple face in the world of SEO and has already earned himself a place on Inc.’s Top SEO Experts list, as well as boasting one of the fastest-growing agencies in the world right now.

Over the Top SEO

The most notable benefit of OTT SEO is that they don’t work with businesses as such. Instead, they form long-term partnerships based on respect, trust, and the faith that those partners will follow their lead. So far, it’s worked well with existing partners that include Fortune 500 companies, best-selling authors, and various world-famous names.

With this partnership focus in mind, OTT screens every business that comes its way and invests only in the best or those who have hit a plateau that they can’t overcome themselves. They then apply a few basic success principles and develop working relationships to understand the best approaches moving forward truly.

7. On the Map Inc.

Brain-child of founder Rick Hoskins, Premier Google Partner. On the Map Inc, aims to ‘positively impact the world, one person, one business, one dollar at a time.’

on the map

They work towards this goal with search engine optimization services that are, for all purposes, mainly dominating the Los Angeles market right now. Already, they’ve seen countless companies top ranking search positions, and that momentum doesn’t look set to slow anytime soon.

With over ten years of experience in the industry and a team of diverse digital marketing specialists, the dynamic solutions on offer from this standout agency are well worth your attention. On The Map Inc., businesses already have on their books provide a pretty broad scope of experience and expertise in everything from dentistry and photography right through to night clubs and attorneys.

While their main offices are in Miami, where a team of 50 trustworthy search engine optimization veterans works on perfecting campaigns, these guys can also be found within offices across Los Angeles, Raleigh, Tempa, and other such key city locations to serve businesses across the US and beyond.

8. True North Social

Boutique digital marketing agency True North Social takes the saying ‘quality, not quantity to the next level with a small client base that enjoys significant SEO results indeed. Unlike other companies mentioned who work with various businesses, big and small, True North Social ensures that they can offer quality results and focused campaigns to every digital marketing agency that comes through their doors.

true north social

This tailored approach was the brainchild of founders Kellis Landrum and Kenny Bost, who have previously enjoyed successful creative careers with technology-led focuses. Their experience allows them to create search engine optimization stories surrounding a quality client list that includes NBC and Hard Rock Hotel, among others.

Despite an incredibly tailored approach, True North Social can offer competitive rates on their various Los Angeles SEO services, including keyword research, blogger outreach, SEO strategy, and many more.

Of course, companies need to bear in mind that a boutique service means that True North Social won’t take any old company onto their books. But, if your vision captures their creative style, then you could soon start enjoying SEO makeovers more suited to your company’s needs than you would likely find elsewhere.

9. Los Angeles SEO, Inc. los angeles seo

The aptly named Los Angeles SEO Inc also had to appear on this list. Founded by president Sasan Raeisi back in 2011, the professional team behind this enterprise prides itself in treating every client website as if it were their own. And it led to full-service internet solutions, including specialist SEO, PPC, web design, social media marketing, and conversion optimization solutions.

Whether companies are looking for social media packages, search engine optimization audits, or other services, they needn’t look any further than the extensively experienced Los Angeles SEO Inc. team. Even better, all these Los Angeles SEO services are available alongside a free site analysis tool to help you and the experts on hand understand precisely where your current search engine optimization approaches need attention.

As if their services alone weren’t enough to put Los Angeles SEO Inc. out on top, this is a search engine optimization company that doesn’t shy away from proving itself with a wide range of accreditations that include being Google Partners, Bing Ads accredited professionals, Microsoft Partners, and more.

10. SocialSEO

Last but not least, we have SocialSEO, a Dave Ramsey-endorsed business that is proud of Google Partners and Forbes Agency Council members, as well as being BBB accredited and one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing private companies.


Those are impressive claims, but they aren’t altogether surprising given that founder Greg Walthour has an amazing 20 years of digital marketing experience behind him. Experience which he’s now putting towards hiring ‘only good folks’ that share his passion.

Driven by a leading initiative to take care of their customers and deliver results, the SocialSEO team has worked with some of the best-known companies of our times, including Jaguar, too, in their own words, ‘ crush the competition.’

From local to national SEO strategy and beyond, small and large businesses alike are sure to benefit from letting SocialSEO take care of their Los Angeles SEO needs for them.

Take Action

When considering the best Los Angeles SEO companies, our ranking system took into account things like SSL certificates, rankings, loading speed, and mobile responsiveness. And, as we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s led us to a pretty good crop of Los Angeles SEO services for you to choose from.

While this list is in ranked order, there’s very little separating each of these companies, but they do all offer something different. So, now that you’ve seen the contenders, it’s time to consider your unique SEO preferences and pair them with the one company that can make all your dreams come true at last. Here are other amazing SEO companies if you want to continue your research.

Bonus: How to Pick a Los Angeles SEO Company

There are countless great Los Angeles SEO companies to work with. However, there are some that you need to watch out for. Here are three mistakes to avoid when hiring a Los Angeles SEO company:

1. Relying on old results as “proof”

Some companies rely on old results as “social proof” and “authority.” But what matters are the results that have been achieved recently. SEO moves way too fast to rely on outdated results. For example, maybe the company had effective strategies that are now outdated. So, always ask for their most recent portfolio of results. Or, pay the price working with a company that’s still living the Stone Age.

2. Using secretive reporting practices

Quality search engine optimization companies love to showcase the work they’re doing. If a company isn’t proud to show you its work, then you should be concerned. For example, my company provides insane transparency with our clients by giving them full access to a Google folder. Within this Google folder, they can see everything we’re doing with their own eyes. SEO companies are much more than just sending monthly reports with lagging KPIs. You, as the client, should know what’s happening every month to achieve those KPIs.

3. Guaranteeing results

No responsible search engine optimization company would ever guarantee results. Why? Because no SEO company controls Google. We use our experience and best practices to drive consistent results. However, Google can change on a whim, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s like how a CFA couldn’t guarantee investment returns. However, they can use historical performance to estimate results. But even then, they can’t control the stock market. Optimizing for search engines is the same way. Be skeptical of any SEO company that’s guaranteeing results.

You’re ready to pick an amazing Los Angeles SEO company. Good luck!

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