SEO Bite #6 – Create New ProfilePages Schema

Google just announced a new schema for “ProfilePages,” here’s how to implement it on your website today.

1. Open ChatGPT, download this free PDF with Google’s instructions, and use the following prompt:

"Create ProfilePage schema markup for [PROFILE URL], [NAME], [POSITION] of [COMPANY] based on the Google's new attached guidelines"

2. Copy the schema, customize it for your brand, and then run it through this validator:

3. Add it to your author page. I’m using Elements with GeneratePress (affiliate link), which makes it much easier.

4. Inspect the URL with Google Search Console to verify it’s working (make sure you click “Test Live URL”):

Why Should You Use “ProfilePage” Schema?

Simply using schema isn’t some magical ranking factor.

However, it helps Google and other search engines understand entities better.

So, if you’re trying to establish positive signals for EEAT (especially for experience), it doesn’t hurt to have it.

SEO Bite #6: Use schema to help Google understand your brand’s entities better.

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