SEO Bite #3 – How SEO Will Die

For traditional SEO to die, many things must happen:

1. Someone develops an AI platform that can respond to most queries with high accuracy.

2. It must be effortless to use and have ridiculous brand recognition like Google. To put it in perspective, “Googling” is a verb.

And as we know, changing human behavior is no easy task.

3. The platform would likely need to monetize through a subscription-based model like ChatGPT.

4. Many people must trust the information that the AI is serving. This isn’t far-fetched because most people are headline readers and believe almost everything they see online.

Plus, if there are citations like what ChatGPT is doing, most people won’t do any additional research.

5. The advanced AI platform needs courage, resources, and some luck to defeat Google.

Google can destroy its competition in many ways:

  • buy them out
  • bury them in litigation
  • limit their visibility in search
  • reverse engineer their technology

Google is, of course, trying to be what I’m describing with SGE. The problem is that their business is dependent on advertising revenue.

So, eliminating organic search results is not in their best interest.

The point is:

Traditional SEO is alive, but expect fewer clicks and organic traffic.

Also, realize there is an AI arms race to achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI) and artificial super intelligence (ASI).

That won’t be happening anytime soon.

So, take advantage of this new AI technology to scale your SEO efforts.

SEO Bite #3: The time to diversify your marketing efforts was yesterday. Do not be 100% reliant on SEO.

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