LYFE Marketing Agency Reviews (2023)

LYFE Marketing is currently the top SEO company in Atlanta under our scoring system (link below).

This social media marketing agency receives more website traffic than its competitors combined and currently has a review score of 4.5 across 148 different Google reviews, making it the market leader in Atlanta by a considerable margin.

It’s also got a surprisingly lower minimum project size and hourly fee, meaning the company does an excellent job at targeting small and medium-sized businesses.

Who is LYFE Marketing?

LYFE Marketing was founded in 2011 by Keran Smith and Sean Standberry as a social media advertising company in Atlanta, Georgia. The SEO services company currently boasts around 69 employees.

LYFE Marketing focuses on managing the ad spend of small businesses that generate between $500,000 to $10,000,000 per year in annual revenue. The company has a heavy focus on national clients in the real estate, political, restaurant, eCommerce, retail, nonprofit, law, sports, health and wellness, and religious industries.

By using online strategies for social media advertising, blogging, and email advertising, the company hopes to drastically improve the digital presence of its clients and help its businesses grow.

Owler estimates that the company’s annual revenue is around $3.2 million USD.

Business Services that LYFE Marketing Provides

LYFE Marketing is advertised as a social media management company. However, they also provide general search engine services, website design services, and some content creation services too.

Social Media Management Services

LYFE Marketing’s most popular option is its full-service social media management service. This will help companies transform their social media presence with high-quality content, and consistent daily activity and increase followers and engagement across the board.

Social Media Advertising Services

The company also provides social media advertising services using the paid options available on each platform. These advertising services are proven to accelerate growth at a much lower cost than alternatives. LYFE Marketing also promises to help clients save money on paid social media advertising to help with budget constraints.

Email and SMS Marketing Services

LYFE Marketing aims to help clients take advantage of email and SMS marketing strategies as well. Many customers check their emails and messages several times a day, meaning that this is a great option for maximum visibility, assuming the content being offered is of high quality.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Despite advertising itself as a social media management company, LYFE Marketing also offers a range of search engine optimization services that will help companies get discovered on websites like Google and Bing to ensure high levels of traffic, more clicks, and better rankings. LYFE Marketing currently has over 300 local and national first-page rankings for its clients’ pages.

Google Ad and PPC Management

Google Adwords and PPC management will help clients take advantage of paid promotional services offered on websites such as Google, Bing, and Amazon. With LYFE Marketing’s Pay Per Click management services, clients can get more qualified traffic to their websites thanks to demographic targeting options.

Website and Graphic Design Services

LYFE Marketing also offers a range of creative services, including landing pages and graphic design to meet clients’ marketing goals. In order to produce consistent brand awareness across social media platforms and your website, LYFE Marketing focuses on creating high-quality content that will drive user experiences and speed up the web-building process.

Consulting and Coaching Services

Considered a rather unique service in terms of social media marketing companies, LYFE Marketing also provides consulting and coaching services to help companies bolster their teams. Whether it’s coaching single employees or consulting inexperienced business leaders in unfamiliar industries, LYFE Marketing offers a surprising range of consulting and coaching services.

Video Production and Photography

LYFE Marketing also provides video production and photography services to enhance client websites and social media strategies. This includes product photography shots for eCommerce websites and video footage to showcase your products. A social media marketing agency tends to use these videos and photos to expand its outreach and content. It allows the business to grow to the next level. A small business would most benefit from this sort of content since it would be aiming to expand its outreach in order to help its business grow. In the United States alone, video production and photography have become widespread tools to increase customer attraction.

Content Writing

The company also provides content writing services that can be used for SEO purposes, content marketing purposes, or even for social media posts. It will help businesses grab the attention of their viewers and also provide value when visiting a client’s website or blog.

One unique selling point of LYFE Marketing is its approach to quality website traffic, not just high volume. While many companies focus on driving numbers, LYFE Marketing takes a different approach to ensure that it brings quality leads to their client’s websites, not just numbers.

Every month, the company sends clients a helpful breakdown of relevant SEO and how its efforts are helping to improve both the client’s visibility and ranking.

This is helpful when it comes to working with companies that might be distrustful of what a social media marketing service can provide. These measurable results greatly improve the client’s relationship with the company, making it easier to collaborate in the future.

LYFE Marketing serves all industries, but they have expertise in several different industries as well. This includes the following:

  • B2B Marketing
  • ECommerce Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing for Doctors
  • Dentistry
  • Real Estate
  • Law Firms
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty and Skincare
  • Fitness
  • Professional Services
  • Nonprofits

For these types of businesses, LYFE Marketing is able to provide a more bespoke level of service. This includes customized content creation for these specific industries that greatly improve lead and content quality. This can greatly enhance returns on marketing investments and helps the company understand the type of customer that you want to appeal to.

This will ultimately result in higher profits and better visibility and rankings in your specific industry.

Notable Clients of LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing currently doesn’t have any notable clients listed on its front page, and little data can be found regarding the major companies that it works with. This is likely due to LYFE Marketing’s focus on smaller businesses, as evidenced by its fairly low minimum budget and hourly rate.

However, there are multiple testimonials on their website from existing clients. This includes David Leftkovits of Niche Digital Brands, Shannon Failla of Cardinal Group Management, and Jingbo Shan of H-Massage. The company has also been featured on CNBC’s The Profit, working closely with billionaire entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis.

Awards Achieved by LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing does not list any notable awards that it has achieved on its website.

Competitors to LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing has a number of competitors in the Atlanta area. Other top Atlanta SEO agencies, such as Cardinal Digital Marketing and M16 Marketing, are geared more towards larger companies due to their larger minimum project sizes and higher cost per hour compared to LYFE Marketing. This gives the company an edge when it comes to appealing to smaller businesses.

The company also competes with specialized marketing solutions such as Intrepy Healthcare Marketing and Trajectory Web Design.

On Google, LYFE Marketing is currently on top as the number 1 SEO company in Atlanta, beating other companies such as Cardinal Digital Marketing, M16 Marketing, Atlanta SEO Pro, Captivate Search Marketing, and Propellant Media.

See our rankings of the best Atlanta SEO companies for more info.

Estimated Budget for LYFE Marketing’s Services

According to, the minimum project size of LYFE Marketing’s services is $1,000. Clients can expect to pay between $50 and $99 per hour for their services. The exact fees will depend on the services required by the client and the amount of time the project will take. LYFE Marketing’s price makes it a popular choice for small and medium businesses with a tight marketing budget.

LYFE Marketing’s Social Media Following

LYFE Marketing is active on a number of different social media channels. Currently, their Facebook page has 4,826 likes and 5,112 followers. Their Facebook account posts on a very regular basis with only a couple of hours between posts. There is a mix of image content, messages from their Twitter account, and also inspirational quotes.


LYFE Marketing’s Twitter account has a relatively large following at 28.1k followers. The company is also following around 20k accounts. Posts are a mix of inspirational images and quotes, messages from the company, and also posts that encourage engagement with followers. However, very few of LYFE Marketing’s Twitter posts receive any likes or comments despite their relatively large following.

LYFE Twitter

The company’s LinkedIn account contains the same content as its Facebook and Twitter pages. It currently has 2,480 followers and sees little engagement in its posts, but they do keep its recent job postings up to date.

LYFE LinkedIn

LYFE Marketing has a heavy focus on creating inspirational images that are posted across their social media channels. All of these images can be found on the company’s Pinterest page, which averages over 156,000 monthly unique viewers. The company’s YouTube channel is currently at 328 subscribers and is regularly updated with videos such as testimonials and informative videos explaining the company’s services.

SEO Performance of LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing currently ranks as the top SEO company for Atlanta, according to Google. It currently beats competitors such as Cardinal Digital Marketing, M16 Marketing, Propellant Media, and Atlanta SEO Pro. It boasts 148 total Google Reviews, which is almost double that of the second place.

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