Local SEO Software: A Simple guide

Maintaining an online presence is essential for every business. Local SEO is something that companies have to work on. Businesses will have more customers when they rank higher. Local SEO software is an advantage for people who want to show up on the top of the SERPs.

  • Understand more about local SEO and its importance
  • Know more about a local SEO software: What it is, why you need it, and what features it has 
  • Get to know more about our favorite tool: Grid My Business
Local SEO Software - a simple guide

Businesses with a physical location always try to stand out and make sure that their stores are easy to find for customers. The issue is when owners don’t know where they rank on Google.

One of the best ways to know this is by using local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Doing local SEO means businesses need to adapt to the trends, especially when it comes to marketing strategies and customer interactions quickly.

However, a business owner and a marketer also have a lot of things to work on besides local SEO. Thanks to the development of technology and the invention of local SEO software. Owners can now remove the guesswork and develop a systemized way to improve their search visibility.

Using the best local SEO software will ensure that you can do everything you need to guarantee that your business will rank (highly) on the local search engine result page.

In this blog, you can understand more about local SEO and what you need to focus more on when doing local SEO and how to use local SEO tools to optimize the results.

Keep reading to discover the complete list of benefits of Local SEO and its software. Shall we begin? 

Local SEO is essential for your online business.

Local SEO is the process of increasing your business’s presence in the local search to attract more customers. This marketing strategy is booming more than ever, and Google Maps are the new gold standard for your rankings.

Local SEO has proved to be a game-changer in the digital marketing industry. As a business owner, you need to find local SEO software to increase your online visibility and help grow your business. 

Local SEO activities include citation building, listings management, and reputation management.

Why do you need Local SEO?

Local SEO is like a game-changer in the digital marketing industry. 

Here are some other benefits of adopting local SEO services and why local SEO is essential:

#1. Local SEO helps your business stand out online.

The higher your business rank, the more accessible customers can find you.

A key benefit of SEO that many companies overlook is improving your credibility among consumers. Ranking on the first page of search results signals to users that Google trusts your website. Customers can also find you easier.

92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of the local search results. So, not having your business listed online is akin to almost not even existing.

Local SEO increases your online visibility on the SERP. Local SEO emphasizes optimizing your Google My Business listing. This listing, which appears in local searches and specific searches for your business, provides users with details about your company.

#2. Local SEO helps to increase your website traffics and lead to sales

One of the most mentioned benefits of SEO is the increased sales, leads, and market share that companies see. As your business appears on the first page of SERP, it means that you have a better level of brand awareness among your most valuable customers. 

If your company continues to appear in their search results, it captures their attention. You’re also a valuable resource for industry information, which increases your value to your audiences.

Do you think that local SEO only affects your online business? It can help you grow your business both online and offline. According to Think with Google, “78% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a physical place within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase”.

Firstly, by appearing on the first page of search results for high-value keywords your target audience uses, you’re earning clicks and visits from the consumers that matter most to you.

Secondly, local SEO solutions will also bring more foot traffic to your location, leading to offline sales and more customers to physical stores.

People often search for something nearby to go to the physical location.

For example, many people will search for a “restaurant near me” to visit a restaurant close to them. This allows you to show up in search results and attract them to your physical location.

There are several ways local SEO can help local businesses be discovered and remain relevant online. Optimized local website content and local listings get your business in front of people searching for products or services online, yet it also has some notes to focus on.

3 things you should focus on when optimizing local SEO and using local SEO software
3 things you should focus on when optimizing local SEO

#1. Find underperforming keywords

Underperforming keywords are those that you don’t rank for in the first or second positions on the SERPs.. They’re underperforming because most people click on one of the first two results, meaning if you rank in lower positions, you’re missing out on tons of traffic.

Google Search Console is one tool to help you find those keywords.

To find these underperforming keywords in Google Search Console, go to the “Search Results” report and toggle the average CTR and position data. You can find the low-ranking keywords in the queries report and the middle-ranking position.

To read more about using Google Search Console, read: Using Google Search Console: The Definitive Guide.

#2. Pick a keyword to rank higher for

Keywords are so important that they can make or break your entire SEO campaign.

You can start with a list of keywords, identify the keywords on your list that aren’t super competitive. Then you can see how many people search for the keywords in your inventory, or know Google’s estimate of how much an advertiser generally spends for a single click.

BiQ Keyword Intelligence can help you with this. 

#3. Local rank tracking

You need to track your ranking to know whether your efforts are working.

Rank tracking is the process of checking search engine ranking positions for specific keywords over time. A rank tracker is a software or tool that automates this process for you. 

Ever feel like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle of SEO to try and rank for your business? 

It can be highly time-consuming for digital marketers – that’s why there are Local SEO software tools available to help. These tools help streamline and automate critical local SEO activities, making it easier for digital marketers and small businesses to maintain control over their presence online. 

Local SEO software helps streamline and automate critical local SEO activities
Local SEO software helps streamline and automate critical local SEO activities

Local SEO software works on the principle of local SEO to help businesses promote their offerings to local customers. Local SEO software is excellent for tiny, brick-and-mortar businesses like grocery stores, bars, restaurants, clinics, law offices, and many others.

How can Local SEO software help you?

The software offers businesses a solution to being discovered in local search results by customers. If your business is not already listed online, this software can list your business online for free. 

Let’s not forget that local SEO software helps you with your local business listings online but they also help track your progress. It provides you with a range of statistics to know your business performance.

With this software, you can monitor the performance of your local SEO efforts by tracking the clicks, page visits, and conversions that come from the channels in your local SEO strategy.

Local SEO software can also save a ton of time for you. When using local SEO software, you can easily list your business for free, also automatically receive reports about statistics, 

Plenty of guides shows you how to do local SEO from start to finish. But they can be daunting, as it’s a complex subject. The following information will give you simple tips when choosing a local SEO software and introduce you to a simple tool.

What features do you need to pay attention to when choosing a local SEO software? 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best local SEO software for you. Remember: It is not vital to find software that satisfies all the below features.

  • Tracking keywords based on the specific locations:

Specific locations support the process of exploring your rankings on Google Maps. For example: setting your search location from your targeted Zip code, address, neighbor, and city. 

A business’ rank can be seen in different geographic areas to show clients what they’re up against and how well they are doing. It’s also helpful for determining any potential Google Business Profile listing which may have spent money on advertising.

  • Managing and updating local business listings and citations:

This feature provides customers with information about your business. Such as a Button to the website, a button for directions, photos of the inside and outside of the location, physical address, hours of operation, website, etc. 

In some tools, you can even see how complete your business profile is on major search engines and determine what areas you need to improve.

6 commons feature that you can find in Local SEO Software
6 commons feature that you can find in Local SEO Software
  • Monitoring online reputation and online reviews: 

You can track the ratings and reviews of your business in real-time and receive alerts for when a new one comes in the tools. Sometimes, you can also respond to all Google business reviews.

  • Analyze website traffic and content performance:

Track how well your local listings show up for searches conducted in the area surrounding your retail locations

  • Create SEO reports to track local SEO progress: 

There are dozens of businesses in your geographical area who want to be number one on the local 3 pack. Monitoring and reporting are a must! Generate unlimited reports with trackable results for clients!

  • Tools for auditing and analyzing competitor

This feature can show you comparisons, like the visitor traffic comparison between your site and your competitors for monitored keywords.

Our favorite Local SEO Software: Grid My Business

There are many popular local SEO softwares on the market; some are specialized, niche tools, while others are more complete software platforms.

Depending on the local search, your needs may require more than one local SEO tool. So you will have to choose the most suitable tool for your work.

In this part, we want to introduce you to one of our favorite Local SEO software that can bring you many benefits during the SEO process – Grid My Business.

Grid My Business – Our favorite Local SEO software

The best thing about Grid My Business is that it supports all locations that can be found on Google Maps.

With 5 main features in Grid My Business, you can track and monitor the business’ and competitors’ local search rankings. 

#1. Monitor ranking:

You can monitor your local rankings on a grid. This grid will be placed on top of your business location. 

You can see your local ranking position, as well as the top 20 business listings at every point. The numbers on the point represent your position. 

The number on every points mean your rank - local SEO software
The number on every point means your rank 

#2. Bulk Scan

The bulk scanning feature allows you to scan more than one search query at a time. So this saves you a lot of time.

The maximum number of queries you can scan is five. You can only select the 9×9 or 11×11 grid size for this feature

Bulk scan in local seo software like Grid My business

#3. Report

Each scan result that you run will automatically be saved; then, you can find the local SEO report by heading to “My Reports.” 

There are details of every scan you have generated previously on this page, including Place, Search query, Search settings (grid size and radius), Time and date of your last scan, Number of reports generated with similar backgrounds, and Monitoring Status.

#4. Monitor 

On the “My Reports” page, you will see some of your reports being classified as either active or inactive.

Reports with an active status mean that the tool will monitor and update your local rankings every three days.

#5. Location

You can view all locations you have previously added in Grid My Busines when performing scans. You can also see how many scans have been completed and are currently being monitored.

Grid My Business is one of the best free SEO tools to give you statistics and information to optimize your local SEO with various features. Grid My Business will introduce the managing and updating of business listings in 2022.

Local SEO software is essential to help you know how your business ranks in local and organic search results.

All the information in this blog has helped you to understand the impact of your on-page SEO work and making data-driven decisions through this trending marketing strategy, thus learning more about local SEO tools.

Updated: 20 October 2023

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