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Thursday, July 27, 2023

It’s been about a month since Search Central Live Tokyo concluded and about 2 weeks since SCL Jakarta! Looking back at the events makes us happy; it’s really great to be back and meet people in person! But let’s ponder what we learned.

Search Central Live Tokyo and Jakarta 2023

Search Central Live Tokyo 2023

Our first event this year happened on June 16, 2023 in Tokyo. We hosted about 150 people in our office in Shibuya, where we got to try out our brand new events space, called Froyo (how cool is that name for a room?!). Based on the event survey, people were very happy with the event, specifically calling out the networking and lightning talks, the latter which they particularly enjoyed. It’s not surprising, the lineup was pretty epic:

Huge thanks to the presenters for volunteering to be an essential part of the event!

Lightning talk speakers of Search Central Live Tokyo 2023

We also got constructive feedback about the event structure – some folks want more networking, others more content –, as well as about the talks – some wanted less focus on AI (don’t we all?).

Search Central Live Jakarta 2023

Next up was SCL Jakarta on July 12, 2023, where we were met with the most energetic and enthusiastic audience thus far! Thank you for that: it kept us energized throughout the 8 hours!

We hosted about 330 happy people at Soehanna Hall, Jakarta with lots of space and time for networking, something that attendees were very excited about. The mythbusting session was a big hit with lots of laughter involved thanks to some of the myths that have been haunting us since the early 2000s (hello keywords meta tag!).

The constructive feedback from the Jakarta event is pretty simple: folks want longer events. Unfortunately that would mean a multi-day event, which is unlikely to happen. Or is it?

What’s next? More events! Stay updated on the Search Central Live main page or on Twitter. See you around!

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