How to Make $50k/mo with Affiliate SEO (Jamie I.F.)

In a recent episode of The SEO Entrepreneur, Nathan Gotch sat down with the enigmatic Jamie IF.

Many have wondered about the origins of Jamie’s pseudonym. As it turns out, the name is rooted in a business dream post-university, which, unfortunately, couldn’t see the light of day due to financial hiccups. Jamie chose this moniker not just as a tribute to his unrealized dream but also to maintain his privacy in the online realm.

He believes this intriguing pseudonym has only fueled the allure of his online persona.

Journey into Niche Websites

Jamie’s tryst with niche websites dates back to his days in Paris when he worked for a publishing house during his university years. The glaring missed opportunity Jamie noticed? The publisher’s complete lack of SEO leverage. This observation pushed Jamie into the world of self-education on SEO, leading him to experiment with his website. By the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jamie’s site generated enough revenue to replace his day job’s income. He passionately speaks of the advantages of niche websites over agencies, especially regarding profit margins and inherent value.

Starting the First Niche Site

Without the fancy paraphernalia of SEO agency tools, Jamie embarked on his niche website journey primarily with self-written content. Every dawn saw him engrossed in research and writing. Initially, Jamie’s keyword research was more intuition-driven than tool-directed, leading him down some unconventional content pathways. But as time passed, Jamie stressed the importance of using the right tools for structured keyword research, refining his approach over time.

Criteria for Choosing a Niche

So, what makes a niche appealing to Jamie? Ironically, the more ‘boring’ it appears technically, the better. Such niches deter many potential competitors. Moreover, Jamie leans towards niches that cater to tangible, real-world products, with a soft spot for high-ticket items. But it’s not all about the technical and monetary aspects; Jamie firmly believes in the emotional appeal when crafting affiliate copy, stressing its importance.

Content Strategy

Jamie’s content evolution reflects a journey. While the early days are heavily saturated with affiliate content, as his sites mature, there’s a marked shift toward informational content. But there’s no hard and fast rule about the ratio of affiliate to informational content for Jamie. It’s more about the organic evolution of the site. One golden rule he swears by? If a product is tested, it deserves its dedicated review page. If not, it finds a place in list-style articles.


Jamie IF‘s niche website odyssey, from an eager learner to a seasoned entrepreneur, underscores the limitless potential of the SEO industry. At the heart of his success lies a blend of affiliate and informational content, underscored by genuine product testing and in-depth research. His story is an inspiring testament to the power of continuous learning and the ability to adapt to the ever-evolving world of SEO.

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