Google SEO Fundamentals Course by Coursera

SEO is a dynamic field with frequent updates and changes. In such an environment, having a comprehensive, updated, and well-structured course is crucial.

The Google SEO Fundamentals course by the University of California, Davis, aims to fill this gap, offering a holistic perspective on SEO.

Let’s dive deep into its offerings, strengths, and areas of improvement.

Course Overview

Offered by the prestigious University of California, Davis, as a part of their SEO Specialization, the course boasts a commendable enrollment of 148,147 students.

Instructed by Rebekah May, the course’s primary objective is to arm students with practical SEO skills such as competitive webpage analysis, brand recognition via social media, creation of sitemaps and robot.txt files, planning redirects, site error management, and effective utilization of SEO tools for audience analysis.

Course Content

On-page SEO: This module establishes the foundations of SEO. With a rich mix of 11 videos, 4 readings, and an interactive quiz, students grasp the importance of keywords in metadata and webpage competitive analysis.

Here’s a free on-page SEO checklist.

Off-page SEO: Focusing on augmenting page authority, this module emphasizes the importance of link building and the role of social media in brand recognition. The learning is structured around 4 videos, 2 readings, and a quiz.

Read our guide on backlinks to get started.

Technical SEO: A crucial component in the SEO realm, this module delves deep into the structural components like sitemaps and redirects, comprised of 7 videos, 2 readings, and a quiz.

Keyword Theory & Research: Unearthing the psychology behind web searchers and empowering students with tools for audience analysis, this module presents 6 videos, 1 reading, and a quiz.

Student Feedback


  • Clarity: Many students applauded the course for its systematic structure, making the dense topic of SEO lucid and easy to comprehend.
  • Value-packed: Some even found the course so enriching that it became their stepping stone into the freelancing world of SEO.
  • Interactive Learning: Including assignments and quizzes post-modules ensured a practical grasp of the topic.
  • Real-world Application: Quite a few students could directly implement their learnings, resulting in tangible website improvements.


  • Outdated Content: Given the dynamic nature of SEO, some students felt let down by outdated references, such as to the Alexa tool.
  • Grading System: The peer assessment component received flak, with students questioning its efficacy.
  • Administrative Lapses: There were mentions of quiz errors, compounded by the lack of timely responses from the course team.
  • Lack of Depth: Some students felt the course was too high-level, lacking actionable insights.

Alternatives to Coursera’s Google SEO Fundamentals Course

There are various alternatives available for those who may want to explore additional courses or might feel that “Google SEO Fundamentals” isn’t what they’re looking for.

One such commendable alternative is the Gotch SEO Academy.

Gotch SEO Academy


  • Highly Rated: With an impressive 5/5 stars from 50 reviews on Google, Gotch SEO Academy is undoubtedly well-received by its students.
  • Strong Recommendation: An NPS score of 9.7 speaks volumes about the course’s quality and the satisfaction level of its participants.
  • Real-World Experience: The Academy stands out for its practical approach, with Nathan Gotch at its helm – an expert with hands-on SEO experience.

SEO Certifications:

  • SEO Specialist Certification: Tailored for beginners, this certification offers a comprehensive overview of SEO. Students are given a broad perspective of the SEO process and actionable steps to yield tangible results.
  • SEO Expert Certification: Distinguishing itself from many other courses, this certification is purely action-based. Utterly devoid of theoretical content, it lays out a tried-and-tested system, templates, and SOPs that have been instrumental in the success of numerous SEO campaigns.
  • SEO Master Certification: Setting a gold standard in SEO education, this certification is not for the faint-hearted. Being the only one of its kind, students must demonstrate their prowess in SEO.

To achieve this coveted certification, students must acquire the other two certifications and furnish evidence of real-world SEO results per the Academy’s stringent criteria. It’s noteworthy that less than 1% of SEO professionals have managed to earn this elite certification.

In Conclusion

While the Google SEO Fundamentals course provides a solid foundation in SEO, alternatives like the Gotch SEO Academy further enhance the learning experience, especially for those who are keen on hands-on, actionable SEO strategies.

Nathan Gotch’s expertise, combined with the Academy’s unique approach to certification, makes it a strong contender for anyone serious about mastering SEO.

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