Facebook Statistics for Marketers (It’s Far From Dead in 2023)

In the dynamic world of social media, Facebook remains a juggernaut. With nearly 3 billion active monthly users, its influence spans the globe, connecting diverse communities and driving digital trends. 1

Whether you’re a business aiming to capitalize on its vast user base or a curious individual wondering about its current standing, these enlightening statistics shed light on Facebook’s impressive reach and impact in 2023. Dive in to discover the numbers that define this social media titan.

General Facebook Stats:

2.93 Billion Monthly Active Users: Facebook boasts nearly 3 billion users actively engaging on the platform every month. This impressive number demonstrates Facebook’s enduring power in the world of social media.

36.7% Global Engagement: Over one-third of the world’s population logs into Facebook monthly. It’s a testament to Facebook’s global reach and its ability to connect people from all corners of the world.

Leading the Meta Space: 70% of internet users are present on at least one of the platforms owned by Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

Brand Valuation: Ranked the 7th most valuable brand globally, Facebook’s brand equity remains undeniably powerful.

Web Traffic: As the third-most-visited website globally, Facebook.com is a daily destination for countless users seeking connection, news, and entertainment.

App Dominance: In terms of total usage time, Facebook is the most used app in the world. 2

Stories Explosion: Over a staggering 1 billion stories are posted daily across all Facebook apps.

AI Recommendations: Around 15% of content seen in a user’s Facebook Feed comes from non-followed accounts, thanks to AI recommendations.

Facebook User Stats:

Daily Engagement: A whopping 67% of monthly users make it a point to use Facebook daily.

Cross-Platform Usage: A significant overlap exists, with 72% of Facebook users also using YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

American Presence: Facebook is a preferred platform for 70% of American adults. 3

Favorite Among 35-44 Age Group: The 35-44 demographic particularly loves Facebook as their go-to social platform.

Gen Z Exodus: Facebook might witness a slight dip, with 7% of its Gen Z users planning to exit in 2023.

Trust Issues: Only 18% of American users believe that Facebook sufficiently safeguards their privacy and data.

Facebook Usage Stats:

Monthly Usage: Users devote an average of 19.7 hours every month to Facebook.

Daily Dedication in the U.S.: Americans spend roughly half an hour daily on Facebook. 4

News Consumption: Almost one-third of Americans use Facebook as a regular news source.

Engagement Figures: A Facebook Page post typically garners an engagement rate of 0.07%.

Business Interactions: A billion users engage with businesses weekly through the Facebook app family.

Brand Engagement: Over half of Facebook users use the platform to discover or follow brands and products.

Traffic Generation: Facebook stands out by contributing 71.64% of all web traffic referrals from social media.

Content Removal: Due to violations like copyright, trademark, or counterfeit issues, over 5 million content pieces were taken down in the first half of 2022.

Facebook Ad Stats:

Ad Price Decline: The average price per ad saw an 18% drop in Q3 2022. 5

Holiday Trends: Facebook’s CPM experienced a 37% y-o-y dip during the crucial five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Revenue Projections: The platform’s ad revenue is set to skyrocket to a projected $75.11 billion in 2024.

Ad Reach: Facebook’s ads have the potential to reach a mind-blowing 2.08 billion people.

Audience Composition: The majority of Facebook’s ad audience is male, making up 56.4% of the total.

Southeast Asia Engagement: 18.7% of Facebook’s ad viewership resides in Southeast Asia.

Ad Impression: Reels, Facebook’s short-video feature, accounted for 3.3% of ad impressions in 2022.

Messaging Ads: 40% of advertisers use the Click-to-Messaging format, capitalizing on the platform’s direct engagement potential.

Facebook Shopping Stats:

Shopping Intent: An estimated 37% of Facebook users are predicted to make a purchase through the platform in 2023.

Retail Impressions: Retail-oriented Facebook Pages average a notable 974,000 impressions per month.

Facebook Video Stats:

Reels Popularity: Over 140 billion Reels are viewed daily across Facebook apps.

AI Success: An advanced AI recommendations model has bolstered Reels watch time by 15%.

Armed with these statistics, businesses and marketers can better understand the ever-evolving landscape of Facebook and strategize their efforts accordingly. 

The power of this social media giant remains evident. Still, as with any platform, staying updated and adapting to the changing trends is crucial.


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