A Deep Dive into the World of AI and SEO with Jon Gillham

In a recent episode of The SEO Entrepreneur Show, Nathan Gotch sat down with Jon Gillham, the founder of originality.ai.

With his extensive background in building online businesses and driving them with SEO, Gillham has been at the forefront of the AI movement. This article provides a summary of their insightful conversation.

Jon Gillham’s Journey

Jon Gillham started as a mechanical engineer but soon ventured into the world of online businesses. He built a portfolio of websites, which eventually led him to launch various service businesses, including a content agency and a link building agency. The central theme of most of his projects has been content that ranks well on Google.

Evolution of SEO Strategy

Having been in the industry since around 2008-2009, Gillham has witnessed significant shifts in the SEO landscape. He compared the early days of SEO to playing a computer game, which was all about finding hacks.

However, over time, the focus shifted towards adding higher value and ensuring that the best content that answers the searcher’s query would rank the highest. Google’s updates served as reminders that while hacks might work temporarily, they wouldn’t last forever.

The Rise of AI in Content Creation

The conversation then transitioned to the current “hack” in the industry: AI-generated content. Gillham discussed the origin story of originality.ai, which was initially developed as a response to the inadequacies of plagiarism checkers like Copyscape.

With the rise of tools like Jasper and the launch of ChatGPT, the need for a tool that could differentiate between human and AI-generated content became evident. Originality.ai was designed to fill this gap.

Development of Originality.ai:

The development process for originality.ai involved extensive testing with GPT-3. The tool was trained using vast amounts of AI-generated and human-generated content, enabling it to recognize patterns and differentiate between them.

Gillham emphasized the importance of staying updated with new AI models and continuously refining the tool to maintain its accuracy.

AI-Generated Content in SEO

When asked about his stance on AI-generated content in SEO, Gillham mentioned that he uses both human-reviewed AI content and purely human-generated content for his sites.

He believes that if AI-generated content is of high quality and fact-checked, it can be beneficial. However, he also stressed the importance of not solely relying on AI and ensuring that content is reviewed and verified by humans.


The podcast interview provided a deep dive into the world of AI and its implications for the SEO industry. As AI continues to evolve and become more integrated into content creation, SEO agency tools like originality.ai will play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and quality in the digital content landscape.

Note: This article is a summarized version of the podcast interview. For a detailed understanding, it’s recommended to listen to the full podcast episode.

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