3 Best Keyword Research Services (Based on 11 Tests)

Looking for the best keyword research services? You’re in the right place because I actually tested 11 of the most popular services.

And my rankings are based on value relative to the cost.


Read until the end because there’s a hilarious plot twist.

Here are the best SEO keyword research services (and why):

1. Loganix

Loganix stood head and shoulders above every other service. I say this with no disrespect, but it wasn’t even close.

What I loved about Loganix’s keyword research service:

Detailed Instructions + Beautiful Report

The level of detail and the design of Loganix’s report made a great first impression:

I can tell they put a lot of time into the design and flow of this report. But the next part of their report is what I loved:

They Prioritized Search Intent!

Here’s the deal:

Keyword research is useless if you don’t understand or categorize keywords based on intent.

I was thrilled to see that Loganix did exactly that:

And how they categorize intent is how my company does it as well. Awesome.

Loganix also gave some helpful tips for keyword strategy:

And lastly:

They Focused on Both Existing & Untapped Opportunities

Many of the services we tested didn’t even bother to ask if we had an existing website.

Loganix was different.

They supplied both existing and untapped keyword opportunities.

Existing keyword opportunities should always be a priority. Especially keywords ranking between #5 and #15 because they’re easy wins.

Here’s part 1 of their keyword report, which highlights the intent, topics, keywords, keyword difficulty (from Ahrefs), search volume, and CPC:

Part 2 highlights SERP features, the website’s current position, and the target URL:

To conclude:

Loganix’s keyword research service is AWESOME, and here’s a cool fact:

The total investment for their service is $149, and they delivered 6,615 keyword opportunities.

That equates to just $0.02 per keyword. You’ll have a hard time finding this level of value for such a small investment.

Now, let’s move on to the second-best keyword research service we found:

2. Upwork Freelancer

I hired four “expert” level freelancers on Upwork, and Jalal (or itssanyahmed AT gmail dot com) was by far the best.

While his report wasn’t as clean or as deep as Loganix’s, it still had great value:

The one thing that I liked is that Jalal categorized the keywords based on a traditional sales funnel.

Jalal’s report would be 10x better if he took the categorization to another level and included intent (like Loganix).

Overall, Jalal’s work is of great value.

In fact:

The project cost was $50, and Jalal found 609 opportunities. That equates to $0.08 per keyword.

Note: Jalal’s project investment has increased because of high demand.

And now, let’s move on to the third-best keyword research service we found:

3. Fiverr Gig

I tested five different services on Fiverr, and this one blew the others away.

For only $10, this service found 2,791 keywords – that equates to $0.003 per keyword! Insane.

The service just found keywords based on the categories I supplied.

It did not categorize keywords based on intent. However, that’s fine because of the low investment.

You could use this service to build a rough keyword database and then go through it to find the best opportunities.

In short, this service could save you a massive amount of time with little investment.

As a side note:

I ranked this service #3 because it wasn’t categorized by intent or by the sales journey (which is critical for prioritizing keywords).

How We Tested the Services

Our process for this case study was simple:

1. I found eleven services by searching top sellers on Fiverr, posting a job listing on Upwork for “Expert” level freelancers, and searching Google.

2. Then, I submitted the same keywords, website, and project details to each person.

3. Lastly, we reviewed each report and gave it a score based on its value relative to the price.

For example, one service charged $399 for its keyword research process.

That’s 7880% more expensive than some Fiverr gigs.

Therefore, the value should be 7880% higher.

But, of course, that wasn’t the case.

As a result, that service got a score of 1 because the cost relative to the value was terrible.

Conclusion + One Hilarious Plot Twist

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of the top three keyword research services we ranked.

Now, before I sign off, I want to show you a plot twist.

So, as I was reviewing these reports, two of them looked eerily similar.

Look at this report from Fiverr:

And then look at this report from an Upwork freelancer I hired:

Look familiar?

Well, that’s because the Upwork freelancer outsourced the project to the EXACT Fiverr gig I was testing.

What are the chances?

The not-so-cool part is that the UpWork freelancer charged me $75, and the Fiverr gig only costs $10. That means he took an 86% margin.

I have nothing against outsourcing, but at least make the report unique to your brand.


I took the hit, so you don’t have to.

Use the services or freelancers I mentioned for keyword research, and you won’t be disappointed.

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